Snow When Your Want It, Where You Want It

Published: 16th January 2012
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Is there a way you can make it snow at home or at your event just like they do it in the movies and on TV? You see how realistic their snow looks, but you know it was not filmed during a snowstorm. What is the trick, and how can you do it?

Decades ago the only choice available required a prop manager to drop shredded paper (later styrofoam was used) from above and if you needed the snow to travel, have a huge fan to blow it where and when you needed it. It was a lot of work and quite a mess, but studios and advertising producers could afford the staff to do it.

Over the years the products changed a bit, but the technology was the same. But over time new technology for artificial snowmaking came along and changed everything. Ice companies found that a truck mounted machine could blow out "real snow" which is actually shaved ice very quickly and efficiently. It did not work so well for snowfall because it melts so quickly when it is handled, but on the ground it lasted much longer before melting. In many parts of the U.S. you can find companies with these machines to blow ground snow into your yard as long as you have a big budget for your event, as the minimums for delivery are quite high.

But realistic snowfall remained a problem until Evaporative Foam technology came along, and now most of the snowfall you see in films, on TV, and in major amusement parks comes from this technology. By manipulating a bubble like solution and blowing it out at the right concentration, the snowflakes that fall are as realistic as you will ever see, and they drift in the wind just like real snowfall. Commercial machines can direct a snow flurry or a real blizzard, and simpler home use versions still create an attractive snowfall for a modest budget. This type of snow evaporates a minute or so after landing, so there is no cleanup at all.

Here are some things you should know about these Snowfall machines. Look for quality machines made by special effects companies that also make professional, commercial machines. Because the technology of the machines is fairly simple, many shoddy machines have made it to the market, often sold on "DJ" sites for nightclub use, and this may not give you the quality and reliability you want. Also, cheaper solutions for off brand machines can leave you with a wet floor and a white residue, whereas a patented concentrate from someone who really knows this technology will leave nothing behind on your floor, tables, clothing or anything else.

If you want snowfall but also want snow on the ground to decorate or play with, you will also have to follow the lead of the movies. When you see snowfall building up on the ground it is an illusion. The evaporative snowfall is landing on instant fake snow on the ground. This artificial ground snow does not come from any machine, but the simple addition of water to a clean, safe and nontoxic white powdered polymer that expands like a sponge instantly into realistic ground snow that lasts a long time.

Snow from above, snow on the ground, now you can have it all and create that perfect Winter Wonderland event at home, work, school or church.


Author Richard Bayer is founder and owner of SnoWonder, the first distributor of Instant Artificial Snow in America. To find out more about the many uses of artificial fake snow for holiday decorations, events and displays, party decorations, photo and video shoots, schools and craft projects, fun and entertainment please visit

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